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Oh no! It’s Christmas Eve in Bethlehem, but the Little Christmas Angel is too small to make it to the stable to greet Baby Jesus. She must figure out what to do instead to spread the good news. Find out what she does to share God’s message that “All Children are Good;” first in Bethlehem, and then in your house too, filling up every room with Christmas spirit. She only travels at night, while everyone is asleep, and you never know where you’ll find her the next morning! She keeps the whole family happy and involved in all the days leading up to Christmas.

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 “A fresh new way to share the original Christmas story with your children and have some fun along the way.”

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“The Little Christmas Angel”  is a perfect tool for parents who want their children to expect more than Santa Claus on Christmas morning.
Monsignor Paul V. Garrity
Sacred Heart and St. Brigid Churches
The Little Christmas Angel is my boys’ favorite part of the holidays. It makes every morning feel like Christmas morning”
Kelly Bandas
Oohbother.com as featured on ScaryMommy, Huffington Post, and The Mighty, Nashville, TN
“Finally, a book that helps children really feel the magic of Jesus’s love at Christmastime and all year long!”
Jaye Russo
Director of Religious Education, St. Catherine of Alexandria Parish, Westford, MA
“We all love The Little Christmas Angel, but I think I love it most of all. It’s a wonderful alternative to the elf on a shelf.”
Lauren Carr
mother of four, Sarasota, FL
“Our 4 daughters love The Little Christmas Angel. It’s a fresh, creative way to keep the focus on Jesus’ birth in a culture that beckons us to look away from HIM.”
Josh Wood
Pastor, Charlotte, NC

Meet the Author

Peggy Barons grew up on a ranch in Florida riding horses and raising puppies. She is a children’s book author, hospice volunteer, and works with her therapy dog, Winnie the Pooch, an English Bulldog. Peggy has taught Religious Education for more than fifteen years and has led workshops on the importance of finding personal balance and keeping Christmas sane, yet blessed, during the hurried holiday season.

Peggy is also the founder of BODS (Babes Out Doing Stuff), an organization designed to push women outside their comfort zones and gain new experiences. BODS currently has chapters in Boston, Nashville, Los Angeles, and New York City. Peggy lives in Lexington, Massachusetts with her husband, Mark and has four children and two grandchildren.

Dear Friends,

When I was a little girl my family had the tradition of an elf hiding around our house, spying on us and reporting our behavior back to Santa. But one Christmas, when my own children were young, I found a special angel at a holiday craft fair and a new tradition was born. Instead of an elf, we had a little Christmas Angel flying around our house at night. Finding her in a new location every morning created excitement and joy during the days leading up to Christmas. On Christmas Eve she landed on our tree where she remained until the end of the holiday season. The Little Christmas Angel takes the focus off consumerism and who’s naughty and who’s nice, and replaces it with the idea that ALL children are good and Christmas fills us with joy that lasts all year long.

I hope your family will enjoy this tradition as much as mine.

With Love,

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